National revolutionary army's carnival of road running.Lianyong 109 No. 4 PerformanceCarnival of Jiusan Xiangdi -Love national revolutionary army very muchMinistry of National Defense's 109th Military Day event 'Let's go to watch the baseball of ceremonial first pitch'Joint Enlistment Training and Training Ceremony of the Ninth Military Academy in 109Army Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion Reserve Training Team 152th Tough Guy Week2020 Aviation Technology Experience Camp Second Ladder2020 Special Warfare Experience Camp 2nd Ladder2020 Iron Guard Battle Camp2020 Aviation Combat Camp2020 Special Warfare Experience Camp2020 Wulan Shooting Combat Camp2020 Umbrella Training Special Camp2020 Zhongzheng Pre-School Science Experience CampLoyalty exercises night protective shooting2020 Dongyin Military Cross Country Obstacle RaceHan Kwong Exercise No. 36-Hua Defense Department Counter Attack Exercisean Kwong Exercise No. 36-Anti-Special Attack Drill for Important Targets in the GarrisonHanguang 36th Exercise-Naval Combat Readiness ConsolidationHan Kwong Exercise 36-Pingtung Fenggang Joint Anti-Landing Operation Exercise